City Profile

"Jewel of the Valley"

La Joya received its name from a near-by lake which the Spanish ranchers called La Joya. La Joya means “the Jewel” in English. These ranchers, settled in the area around 1750 and cultivated the area into a prosperous farming and ranching community. The beautiful lakes are still there, however, many of the lakes ended up on private property. La Joya was incorporated in 1965 under Type C-General Law government. The city is located at the southwest end of Hidalgo County, on Expressway 83, as you head towards the long winding roads of Starr County.

Mission Statement

"Jewel of the Valley"

The City of La Joya is committed to providing a safe environment, cost effective facilities, infrastructure and other services that meet the needs of our community. Through well-planned development, our city is committed to ensuring an exceptional quality of life.

Our Mayor

Jose A. "Fito" Salinas


La Joya is comprised of 98% Hispanic residents.

  • Total Population (as of July 2009): 4,821
  • Population Change (since 2000): + 46%
  • Males: 2,266 (47%)
  • Females: 2,555 (53%)
  • Median Resident Age: 27 years
  • Texas Median Age: 32.3 years
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