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RFQ Bond Counsel Project No.: 72022

Bid No.: 2022-300-4405-01

SOQ Wastewater Treatment Plant/ System Expansion and Upgrade

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Vote for the 2021 Christmas Parade Theme

Coming Soon
2021 Christmas Parade Theme
2021 Christmas Parade Theme
2021 Christmas Parade Theme

Help us decide what theme we should do this year. Vote for your favorite Christmas Parade Theme! 

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Mosquito Control Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays for the months of June & July

Start time: 12:00 AM (MIDNIGHT)

If weather conditions permits, the City of La Joya Public Works Department will be spraying for Mosquitoes.

If winds are high or it is raining the rain and wind will dissipate the insecticide-laced fog faster. This also applies to areas that have already been fogged, if the rain or wind picks up the insecticide might be blown or washed away.

*All mosquito spraying is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Martes y Jueves durante los meses de Junio y Julio

Hora de inicio: 12:00 AM (MEDIANOCHE)

Si las condiciones climáticas lo permite, el departamento de Servicios Publicos de la Ciudad de La Joya llevara acabo la fumigación de mosquitos.

Si los vientos son fuertes o está lloviendo, la lluvia y el viento disiparán la fumigacion de insecticida más rápido. Esto también se aplica a las áreas que ya se han fumigado, si la lluvia o el viento recoge el insecticida podría que se disminuye o sea lavado.

*Toda la fumigación contra mosquitos está sujeta a cambios debido a las condiciones climáticas.

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La Joya City Council swears in new mayor, commissioners

New La Joya Mayor Isidro Casanova being sworn in Tuesday after defeating incumbent Jose “Fito” Salinas in a runoff election earlier this month. Casanova, left, was sworn in by JP Juan “J.J.” Pena. (Matt Wilson |

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La Joya City Commission replaces city attorney, accepts resignation letter from municipal judge

The bodies were lying in the streets un-buried. All railroads and vessels carrying food and such things into the great city had ceased runnings and mobs of the hungry poor pillaging.

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